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raw food: big problem


i've been vegan for quite some time, and have always incorporated a great deal of raw foods into my diet. i am currently desperately desiring to include more and more raw foods into my life, and in this process have looked into many, many tasty recipes. the big problem is that my boyfriend (who lives with me) is deathly allergic to all tree nuts that we know of. if he has just the littlest speck of cashew dust ingested his throat will start to swell shut. he has had reactions to cashew, pistachio, macadamia, and hazlenut, and is just too scared to even go near any other tree nuts (peanuts are all good... but can they even be used in raw foods a lot? i heard too many raw peanuts can be hazardous.) anyway, he also doesnt have health insurance so he can't even get a food allergy test which drives me insane because he thinks he may not be allergic to almonds because he recalls eating a chocolate bar with them in it when he was little. haha childhood memories are just not enough to cause a potential reaction so he still stays away from them. anyway, i guess you get my point... i don't even bring nuts into the apartment for myself, though i do love them. any suggestions? ideas? anything?

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